The latest news on how the ceramic industry is affected by the spread of Covid-19.

The most important ceramic tile manufacturers are among those countries that felt the strongest effects of the spread of the novel Coronavirus. These countries’ ministries have been forced to take drastic measures, and the downstream effect for us is a greatly reduced ability to deliver in the short term. On this page you can read the latest news as it becomes available.

You can find general information about the Coronavirus att 1177. (–besvar/infektioner/ovanliga-infektioner/covid-19-coronavirus/covid-19-other-languages/)

23rd March. Italy closes its factories.

According to sources at the manufacturers, Italy’s government will be mandating closure of factories from 26 March until 5 April, halting both production and outgoing transport. This will of course cause delays and stoppages in deliveries to Swedish building projects. Spain is likely to follow suit shortly.

23rd March. New dates for Nordbygg confirmed.

Sweden’s largest construction industry trade fair has been postponed due to the Coronavirus, and now it has been confirmed that the fair will now take place between 29 September – 2 October. (

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